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  • 10 Tips To Improve Your Video Editing Skills

    In this day and age, video editing skills can be an incredibly valuable skill in the digital marketing world. This article will guide you through ten tips you can use to improve your video editing skills. Without further ado, let’s begin.

  • My Favorite Self-Help Books

    Hey guys! When I struggle in life, besides pouring my heart out to family and friends, I also turn to self-help books. In this post, I will give you a comprehensive list of my favorite self-help books. If you are in a mood for non-fiction books, you can check out my list of non-fiction book […]

  • 10 Fantasy Books Everyone Should Read

    Hello friends! Who doesn’t love fantasy? Princes, princesses, kings, and queens. Knights and fairies. An escape from our bleak reality. In this article, I present to you my top ten favorite fantasy books.

  • 10 Best Young Adult Novels in 2020

    Hello everyone! Sometimes, when adult fiction feels too heavy for me, I like to go for light-hearted and easy-to-digest young adult novels. If non-fiction books are more your thing, however, do check out my recommendations from this year.

  • 15 Best Romance Novels in 2020

    Hey guys! I am back again. This time, I bring you the top fifteen best romance novels I have read in the year 2020. Love stories are a favorite of mine, they always strike me right in the heart. I am always so quick to laugh and so quick to cry when it comes to […]

  • 10 Best Science Fiction Books in 2020

    In my effort of diversifying my reading material, I have begun to read a lot of science fiction books. This post will contain the top ten best science fiction books recommended by me. If you want to know my top fifteen non-fiction books from this year, check out this post.

  • My Favorite Novels of All Time

    Hello everyone. In this blog post, I will finally share with you a list of my favorite novels of all time. These are books that are dear to my heart and I have even read some of them more than twice. This list will be comprised of fiction works, but if you would like to […]

  • Top 5 Best Horror Novels in 2020

    I am not the type to read a lot of horror novels, but these past few months I have been trying to branch out my reading preferences. Usually, I tend to read a lot of non-fiction books. If you want, you can check out my post about the best non-fiction books to read in 2020 […]

  • 15 Best Non-Fiction Books in 2020

    Hello everyone. In this blog post, I will recommend you top fifteen non-fiction books in 2020. I have been spending the majority of my time these past few months just doing a lot of reading and I am very excited to share this list with you.