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    Hello friends! Who doesn’t love fantasy? Princes, princesses, kings, and queens. Knights and fairies. An escape from our bleak reality. In this article, I present to you my top ten favorite fantasy books.

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    Hello everyone! Sometimes, when adult fiction feels too heavy for me, I like to go for light-hearted and easy-to-digest young adult novels. If non-fiction books are more your thing, however, do check out my recommendations from this year.

  • 15 Best Romance Novels in 2020

    Hey guys! I am back again. This time, I bring you the top fifteen best romance novels I have read in the year 2020. Love stories are a favorite of mine, they always strike me right in the heart. I am always so quick to laugh and so quick to cry when it comes to […]

  • 10 Best Science Fiction Books in 2020

    In my effort of diversifying my reading material, I have begun to read a lot of science fiction books. This post will contain the top ten best science fiction books recommended by me. If you want to know my top fifteen non-fiction books from this year, check out this post.

  • My Favorite Novels of All Time

    Hello everyone. In this blog post, I will finally share with you a list of my favorite novels of all time. These are books that are dear to my heart and I have even read some of them more than twice. This list will be comprised of fiction works, but if you would like to […]

  • Top 5 Best Horror Novels in 2020

    I am not the type to read a lot of horror novels, but these past few months I have been trying to branch out my reading preferences. Usually, I tend to read a lot of non-fiction books. If you want, you can check out my post about the best non-fiction books to read in 2020 […]